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Sambhaji Maharaj Episode Information When Shivaji died in the first week of April 1680, Sambhaji was still banned in the Panhala fort. Some influential leaders of the cabinet, Annaji Datta and Peshwa Moropant Pingale had shown the support of Soyabai to prevent Sambhajiji from getting the throne.Cord Blood

48 Shivaji’s widow and Sambhaji’s step mother Soyarabai established her son after the death of her husband. On April 21, 1680, Rajaram was a 10 year old boy. After hearing the news, Sambhaji fled and captured the Panhala fort on 27th April after the capture of the commander of the fort. On 18th June he captured the fort of Raigad. On 20 July 1680, Sambhaji formally took over the throne. Rajaram, his wife Janaki Bai and mother Soyarabai were arrested in jail.Cord Blood

After trying another conspiracy against Sambhaji using Rajkumar Akbar, [was hanged for committing conspiracy of some ministers of Shivaji like such as Aurangzeb’s 4th son Saurabai, his relative of Shirke’s family and Annaji Dato.Cord Blood

Soon after the meeting with Sambhaji, he started a military campaign against neighboring states. Historians have noticed the difference between the tolerant and eternal practice of Shivaji’s father Shivaji and the more pragmatic and brutal transactions of Sambhaji. Against his father’s strategies, Sambhaji allowed his forces to rape, rape and violence against citizens. Cord Blood

In 1680 Sambhaji looted and expelled Burhanpur. His troops completely stopped and punished the Mughal army. After that Marathas plundered the city and closed the ports. Then Sambhaji then Mughal commander Khan jumped Bahadur’s army and returned to Baglan. During the attack on Burhanpur, most of his 20,000 army tortured many Muslims including looting, assassination and atrocities.Cord Blood

In 1681

Aurangzeb’s fourth son, Akbar, left some Mughal courts with some Muslim supporters and joined Muslim rebels in the Deccan.

Aurangzeb took the southernmost direction from Aurangabad to the south and the Deccan campaign got maximum assurance.

Sambhaji’s ministers including Annaji Dato and Moropant Pingale took this opportunity and helped Rajarama go back.

He is the eldest son of Shivaji Maharaj’s first wife, Sybai. Sambhaji Maharaj was handled by Rajmata Jijau as he lost his maternal aunt in his childhood. After the death of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Sambhaji Maharaj ruled for 9 years. The Maratha empire was fighting against the Mughal empire and other neighboring rulers like Siddhi and Portuguese.

Sambhaji Maharaj childhood

Sambhaji was born on the fort of Purandar. His mother Sai Babai died when Sambhaji was only 2 years old. His grandmother, Shivaji Maharaj’s mother, Mr. Jijau, was responsible for the maintenance of Ivina Por.
Sambhaji Maharaj was intelligent since childhood. He had learned many languages ​​in his childhood. They were also adept at sport. At the age of 8, SambhajiRaje was sent to live with King Jai Singh of Amber under a tone. Shivaji Maharaj was wise. Shivaji Maharaj wanted Sambhaji Maharaj to explain the political action and design of the Mughals and Rajput.
At the age of 14, Sambhaji Maharaj wrote in the Sanskrit language the term ‘BHUDHBHUSHAN’.

Marriage of Sambhaji Maharaj

Sambhaji Maharaj married Jivabai. According to Maratha customs, they named their name Yeshubai. Shivaji Maharaj captured control of the famous Maratha empire in Konkan. It was helped by Pilajiaru Shirke and the Maratha empire became free from the Konkan route. According to the complaint, Sambhaji Raje is married to Yijubai (Jivabai), the daughter of Pilajirao. Sambhaji Maharaj Episode Information

Sambhaji Maharaj coronation. Sambhaji Maharaj Rajyabhishek
Sambhaji Maharaj took the form of Swarajya after Shivaji Maharaj’s death.
January 16 In 1681 Sambhaji Maharaj was completely coronation at Raigad.
Sambhaji Maharaj, who was opposed to the coronation of Sambhaji Maharaj, was annihilated by the heart of Anjanji Datta and Moropant Peshwa and had given him a place again in the Ashtashapad mandal.
Sambhaji Maharaj Principal Board

Senthanathishwar Shrimant Chhatrapati – SambhajiRaje Shivajiraje Bhosale (Legion of the Chiefs – with supreme authority)

Shri Sakhi Razzini Jayati Chhatrapati Yeasubai Sambhaji Raje Bhosale (In the absence of Sambhaji Maharaj, the steward of the state’s affairs)
Chief General: Hambirrao Mohite
Kulkamuktir (supreme head): Poetry (Kalusha)
Peshwa: Nilo Moreshwar Pingale
Chief Justice: Prahlad Niraji
President: Moreshwar Panditrao
Chitnis: Balaji Awari
Surinis: Abaji Sondev
Dabir: JanardanPant
Mujumdar: Annaji Datto
Wakenwies: Dattajipant

Sambhaji Maharaj Parakram

Sambhaji Maharaj expanded and defended the Maratha empire in a short span of its mighty performance. Sambhaji Maharaj gave a stellar fight to the Mughal empire of 15th Maratha empire. Sambhaji Maharaj Episode Information

Sambhaji Maharaj used to take full advantage of guerrilla warfare to Aurangzeb. Sambhaji Raje fought 120 wars during his tenure. It is important that Sambhaji Maharaj did not lose any battle of 120. Sambhaji Maharaj was the only warrior who had made such history. Sambhajiraj taught such a powerful lesson to the Portuguese of Goa, Siddi of Zanzirasi and Chikkadevarai, to Mysore that they did not have the courage to help Aurangzeb against his Sambhaji. None of them could turn against them. Under the leadership of Sambhaji Maharaj, Maratha fought for the alliance with all the enemies.
After the death of Shivaji Maharaj, the Mughal empire would rise and he hoped that the Maratha empire would get its soil, he had been dead since Aurangzeb had not won a single victory in many years.

Broadcast Report

According to the Broadcast Audience Research Council India report, the series is subdued by Subodh Bhave and Gayatri Datar. Subodh and Gayatri chemistry in this series is very good in the audience. Both the audience and their love relationship are very good.

Rana Da and Anjali are fourth in the world’s most influential people, whereas Swarajya rakshak sambhaji is in fifth place. For the past few months this series is in the first five. But in this series, in the last two weeks, your position could not stay in the top five. Sambhaji Maharaj Episode Information

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