Swarajya rakshak Sambhaji Episode 19 July 2019



In the recent episode of Swarajya rakshak Sambhaji Episode, Akbar is worried about what he will think about his father, he knows about helping Sambhaji. But, Durgadas explains them, they have taken the right step because Sambhaji will be very compassionate. Meanwhile, Sambhaji and Kaviraj are now bringing new changes that old courts have died. They want to make friends with Akbar and use them against Aurangzeb.

Sambhaji Hambiro Mohite tells that Soyabai did not support Anaji Pant in his evil plan. Hambirao knows that Sobraban has locked himself in his room. If he does not open the door, he will complain to Shivaji’s grave.

In the recent part of Swarajshak Sambhaji, Akbar is taking care of what he has to say to the father after he got to know, he helped Sambhaji to open a fight against himself. He think Aurangzeb will come against him. But, Durgadas assures that he has done the right thing by helping Sambhaji, because later leaders have begun to believe in him. Durgadas says that he should believe Sambhaji’s movements.

Worried about Sosabai, Yasubai did not open the doors of his room. Sambhaji told her that she was so hurt that she did what she did. She decided to go to Sambhaji. Raje Rajamashree interacts with the poets He told the poets that he has been telling for a long time about what he has said. Sambhaji ordered Kaviyarajas to contact the families of those who were killed. Meanwhile, Kaviraj reminds Raje that he should not be late to meet Akbar, who is desperate to meet Raja. Sambhaji admits this.

Yasubai interrupted Sambhaji’s conversation with Kavirajashi but the kings asked him to come after him. She says this is an emergency, but Sambhaji tells her to take some time. While coming out, Yasubai meets Bal Rajshi and tries to persuade him to talk to Sohrabai. However, he is very angry with Saurabai and denies Yasubai’s orders. Bal Raje tells Jesse about the conversation between Sambhaji and Soyarabai.

Sambhaji and Kaviraj want to meet Akbar as soon as possible. Since Mughal prince is Aurangzeb’s favorite son, Raje wants Akbar and Aurangzeb against Akbar to take full advantage of it. Because they would encourage Akbar to catch on Delhi, he would get rid of Aurangzeb. Kabir Raj has sent a letter to send to Akbar. Meanwhile, they know that Aurangzeb is climbing up to the Deccan.

Meanwhile, everyone in Raigad is thinking about the condition of Soyabai. They ring the door but they do not open.

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