Swarajya rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 23 July 2019


In the recent episode of Swarajya rakshak Sambhaji, Hambirrao finally persuades Soyrabai to eat something. In this honour, there is a tiny ceremonial dinner at Raigad. Yesubai herself feeds Soyrabai who is crying of happiness and guilt. She tells Yesubai that she has usually been greedy even after being surrounded by way of riches. Soyrabai confesses that now she will be able to depart Bal Raje in Yesubai and Sambhaji’s care considering that she absolutely trusts them. The next day, Yesubai discovers she is pregnant as Dhar Atya goes to tell this information to Rajmatoshree, Soyrabai is found lifeless.

Everyone at Raigad is shattered listening to the information of Soyrabai’s death. Sambhaji, who’s on his way to satisfy Akbar, has to return to Raigad. He confesses that in making plans and plotting of the courtiers, the King lived, but his mom had to sacrifice herself.

Swarajya rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 22 July 2019 update

In the current episode of Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji, Hambirrao eventually convinces Soyrabai to eat something. This news spreads on Raigad and everyone is getting prepared for the banquet. Yesubai feeds Soyrabai and the latter is happy with her daughter-in-law for being so regal and modest on the equal time. During their meal, Yesubai confesses, for her Bal Raje is equal to Shiv Chhatrapati. Soyrabai realises how incorrect she has been inside the beyond for plotting to dethrone Sambhaji. Meanwhile, Sambhaji sends a letter to Akbar telling him that he is keen on meeting the Mughal prince and they will meet soon.

Yesubai reminds Soyrabai that even she became a Ranisaheb once upon a time. When Shivaji Maharaj had gone on wars, Soyrabai was taking care of the dominion. Soyrabai starts offevolved crying in the front of Yesubai speaking approximately her feelings that she has stored for days. She is harm by using Bal Raje’s phrases. Rajmatoshree discloses that she had all the riches within the global, but she become by no means happy. She became always full of greed.

Soyrabai recalls her outstanding husband for the mythical things he has accomplished. She gives the duty of Bal Raje in Yesubai and Sambhaji’s care as she is aware of that they will protect him with their own lifestyles. After confessing, Soyrabai says she is going to have a hearty meal.

The subsequent day, Yesubai is nauseous and he or she is instructed by Dhar Atya that she is pregnant. Dhar Atya desires to cheer Soyrabai up with this accurate news and she is going to her chambers. There she discovers, Rajmatoshree is lifeless.

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